"Young Math Legends" 3-Pack (Fibonacci, Gauss, Euler)

"Young Math Legends" 3-Pack (Fibonacci, Gauss, Euler)

Imagine if you could meet the legends of mathematics -- when they were kids themselves. Each short animated episode (under 5 minutes each) will introduce these amazing figures and get students excited to learn about their discoveries.

Featuring "Weird Al" Yankovic as young Fibonacci and Finn Wolfhard ("Stranger Things") as young Gauss. Plus the cast features John Rhys-Davies ("Indiana Jones", "Lord of the Rings"), and Flatland favorites Danu Uribe and Shannon McCormick ("Red vs. Blue").

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Young Fibonacci battles sea monsters and Roman numerals on the high seas — creating his namesake sequence in the process!

Young Carl Friedrich Gauss must discover how to add the integers from one to one hundred — before his strudel goes cold!

When all hope fails, only Young Leonhard Euler can 'bridge' the gap of knowledge AND find out ways to cross other bridges without re-crossing any bridge. 7-bridges, no problem!

All 3 Episodes will be ready to view by April 14th.

"Young Math Legends" 3-Pack (Fibonacci, Gauss, Euler)